front and back cover of Advocacy Handbook inside spread of Advocacy Handbook cover and spreads from the position paper Making digitalisation work for young people positioning system for idenity label of the European Youth Forum box with position papers on Fiscal Policy

unifying label design for the European Youth Forum

By implementing a uniform label design on the left bottom of publications, a consistent and cohesive element is introduced, bolstering the brand's visual identity.

Find more examples at:

European Youth Forum Library


sander and gretar cls-1 on picture of model screenshots of website

Branding for S+G

Logo and portfolio site design for the Brussels-based photographer duo Sander + Gretar.

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gift cards in  a stack gift card in enveloppe

walter & benjamin gift cards.

Playfull monopoly money inspired gift cards. Every value has a different colour.

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gift card!

  • - Jungka (Karel Martens & Jungmyung Lee)

screen shot van tool webpage paintings in the disgn system

online template tool for Flemish Masters in Situ.

To strengthen the reach of the campaign, all local actors were provided with an online template tool that allowed them to create their own communications: text, format, image they could decide on. (Created with love at Josworld)

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botle of beer fruit icons labels

label system for De haren van Lambiek

Homemade fruit infused Lambiek. (crafted for personal use with no commercial intent, no rights were acquired on the use of the comic character Lambiek, it just looked good baby ;)

  • - Avond (En Passant Foundry)
  • - Inter (Rasmus Andersson)

poster poster running records funkydelic smily

promo material for funkydelic

This typographical poster combines a 70s funk aesthetic with a visual reference to vinyl records. The poster's design is reversible, allowing it to be conveniently and quickly hung up in bars or shops.

On display at:

FAST LIFE poster exhibition